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    Jessica Poell, LSCSW

    Jessica is a licensed specialist clinical social worker (LSCSW) with over 15 years of experience in mental health therapy. She graduated with her Master of Social Work degree in 2005 and earned her clinical license in 2017. In that time, she has worked in hospital and mental health therapy settings, providing individual, couples, and family therapy.

    Jessica is passionate about providing positive, supportive, and empowering therapy. She believes that everyone has the power to heal and grow, and she strives to create a safe and confidential space where her clients can feel comfortable exploring their thoughts and feelings.

    Jessica is currently providing video therapy to adults across Kansas with Level: Wellness Mind therapy practice. She works with adults aged 18 and over, with a special interest in working with older adults.

    Jessica is a warm and compassionate therapist who is committed to helping her clients reach their full potential. She is known for her upbeat personality and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

    If you are looking for a therapist who can help you cope with challenges in your life, Jessica is a great choice. She is a skilled and experienced therapist who is dedicated to helping her clients heal and grow.

    Jessica‚Äôs areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship problems, and life transitions. 

    For scheduling, Jessica can be reached at 316-932-2837 or by clicking on the Contact Jessica button below.